Welcome to Hurricane Stump Removal! If you are thinking about removing that unwanted stump, then you are at the right place. Although they make nice flower pot holders, rotted out stumps waste your space.  They are a hazard for your ankles and a lawnmowers worst nightmare. We serve all of New England and can safely remove any stump, big or small, in one easy step.  We specialize in Hurricane work and large uprooted stumps. We offer  prompt service, backed by guaranteed workmanship.  And remember: there is no substitute for experience.  Call for a free estimate and see for yourself why we are the preferred customer choice. Locally owned and operated family business. Immediate availabity, same day service. Areas of excellence… Hurricane work, Storm work, Stump Grinding, Stump Removal…one step stump removal… Please contact us for a free estimate. Or contact us via email.


“If there was a website dedicated to reviewing stump grinding services, I’d post this there and give Hurricane Stump Removal a 5 star rating. HSR (http://hurricanestumpremoval.com/) is an inexpensive stump grinding/removal service that not only takes care of the job, they do it quickly and with unexpected professionalism and attention to quality. We had 4 stumps removed in under an hour. Try doing that on your own with a rented machine and it would take you a lot longer and for more money. While other services claim to grind down 8″ or so below the service, Steve offered to go down to maximum depth (10″ or 12″). Apparently to plant grass over a removed stump, you only need to go down 8″ or so – however where we are planning on adding in a foundation eventually for a garage, he went deeper. Awesome price – awesome service. Recommended.”